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How to add windows client to Nagios monitoring.How to add windows client to Nagios monitoring.

In the previous article, we discussed how to configure linux client host into the Nagios server. This article shows you how to configure windows client with Nagios server. Before configuring the Windows client, will have to look into nagios configuration file once. Because the windows configuration file windows.cfg is by

How to add a new client to the Nagios server.How to add a new client to the Nagios server.

In the previous articles, we discussed how to install Nagios, how to install Nagios plugins, how to upgrade Nagios core and how to install Nagios client. Now in this article will discuss how to configure new clients in the Nagios server. There are different configuration files Linux and Windows clients

SSH Password-less authentication in easy steps.SSH Password-less authentication in easy steps.

SSH Password-less authentication is very useful when you are automating tasks between your all remote servers. If you want to run any script or use SCP multiple times then this option will be very useful for you. Once this is implemented that you will never ask a password to login