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Linux Interview Questions.Linux Interview Questions.

It is not that easy to predict interview questions. Because it all depends on the company’s requirement and also on the panel’s expertise levels. But there are some common questions that most of the time interviewers ask to know your knowledge on Linux Administration. Here I am sharing some top

How to convert .pem to .ppk using PuTTYgenHow to convert .pem to .ppk using PuTTYgen

What if you need to login your remote server from windows server!! We all use well known PUTTY tool for that. Here we will discuss how to login with private key using PUTTY. Open PuTTY Key Generator on windows and upload your private .pem file. Open putty key generator >>

How to secure your server with private key login authentication. (As like AWS EC2)How to secure your server with private key login authentication. (As like AWS EC2)

If you already using EC2 instances on AWS then you aware of how to access the EC2 machine. Whenever you create a new instance on AWS you need to create a new key (or use an existing old key) to login to your server through SSH. This private key has

How to add windows client to Nagios monitoring.How to add windows client to Nagios monitoring.

In the previous article, we discussed how to configure linux client host into the Nagios server. This article shows you how to configure windows client with Nagios server. Before configuring the Windows client, will have to look into nagios configuration file once. Because the windows configuration file windows.cfg is by

How to add a new client to the Nagios server.How to add a new client to the Nagios server.

In the previous articles, we discussed how to install Nagios, how to install Nagios plugins, how to upgrade Nagios core and how to install Nagios client. Now in this article will discuss how to configure new clients in the Nagios server. There are different configuration files Linux and Windows clients