How to convert .pem to .ppk using PuTTYgen

What if you need to login your remote server from windows server!!

We all use well known PUTTY tool for that. Here we will discuss how to login with private key using PUTTY.

Open PuTTY Key Generator on windows and upload your private .pem file.

Open putty key generator >> Load >> choose file

After file upload, a pop-up will come on display as shown in the below image.

Now download private key by clicking on “save private key”.

Now you are ready to login your host using private key on via PuTTY. Open putty and provide user name and host details.

Extract “SSH” on the left side bar and click on “Auth”

Upload your private key which we generated by PuTTY key generator. And click on “Open” button.

That’s it!!

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