How to install and configure NSC++ (NSCP) on windows.

To monitor windows hosts on nagios we need to configure NSC++ on client side.

First, you need to download the add on packages from this link.

Download NSC++ Latest version

Create a new folder named “NSC++” on C:\ Drive and extract the dowloaded folder.

You will find a file named “NSC.ini” In the extracted files. Open with your favourite editor and make these changes.

Uncomment above lines in the file.

As shown in the above picture, uncomment ”alowed_hosts” line and add your nagios core server IP address here.

As shown in the above picture, uncomment ”port=12489”

Now save the file and open the command line on windows. Run these commands on the command line.

Now open run and type ”services.msc” top open services window.

Search for NSC client service on it and righ click >> properties.

on “Logon” tab check this option.

Now apply the changes and start the service.

That’s it. Client-side configuration is done, now you need to add this windows host to Nagios server configuration file which is ”windows.cfg”

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