LVM: Linux partition artition size increasing using lvextend.

LVM: Linux partition artition size increasing using lvextend. post thumbnail image

LVM: Logical Volume Group, It helps to extend the existing filesystem. To extend the filesystem, free space should available in the Volume group. If free space is not available then you need to add new PV(physical volume) and then create a new Volume Group (VG).

Now let’s see how to extend using ‘lvextend’

Step:1 Type ‘lsblk’ to list the file system

Here we want to extend ‘u01-u02’ 40G to 49G with using ‘u01’ VG

Step:2 check VG space available or not

VG ‘u01’ available <11G, we have enough space to extend LV

Step:3 Now run lvextend command to extend ‘u01-u02’ partion

Step:4 check ‘u01-u02’ extended successfully to 49G.

Important Note:

xfs is RHEL 7.x default file system. We can extend xfs file system but can not reduce.

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